How to fix Norton 360 Error 8504 100?

Norton is one of the most exclusive Antivirus security software which helps to protect your personal computer from viruses. It is best known for their services all over the world. It gives you high virus security and different other features. We often save our all important files in our computer which are most important as always for the future but due to viruses and malware attack on your computers all files get corrupted, to save the files and computer we have to use antivirus which protect our important files. And because of security, we can’t trust on any Antivirus. So we choose the trusted Antivirus security as Norton Antivirus Security is one of the best security Antivirus which protect your computer from viruses. Norton provides many features only to protect you from viruses they are as follows:

  • Powerful performance
  • Performance optimization
  • Parental control
  • Smart firewall
  • Smart filtering
  • Password management

When discussing the most common error in Norton 360 Error 8504 100, it happens when you start installing the on your personal computer. This Error is occurred due to malware and viruses attack on your computer. Another important reason for this error is because due to Norton installation failed or a missing files during installation of Norton Antivirus Software Security. This Error sometime may harm your computer by crashes the active program window, sometimes, your PC crashes with the Error 8504 100 when you running the same program, it will also occur during startup and shutdown windows to save yourself from this window just keep tracking on your computer when and where your Error 8504 100 occurs is a critical information that helps in troubleshooting the problem. There are many causes of this error they are described below:

Causes of Norton 360 Error 8504 100

  • While installing the Norton Antivirus it did not download properly or due to an incomplete installation of Antivirus this error occurred.
  • Sometimes, there is corruption in windows registry from the recent Norton 360 related software issues. (install or uninstall).
  • Due to error, windows respond slowly to mouse and keyboard input.
  • Viruses and malware attacks on the computer that corrupted your windows.
  • One of the other reason is that some files related to Norton 360 mistakenly or mischievously deleted by someone.

Error 8504 100 can be caused by many other factors so, it’s important to troubleshoot each of the following factors which create an error on your personal computer. Now the most important discussion is How to fix Norton 360 Error 8504 100. Below we discussed in brief-

How to fix Norton 360 Error 8504 100?

Here we provide you 2 methods by which surely you get a solution to recover from this Error 8504 100 problems. These steps are less time to consume and easy to understand for everyone. Follow these steps by step in the ascending order.

Method 1- Conduct a full Malware scan of your personal computer

There is a  higher chance that Error 8504 100 is occurred due to a malware infection on your PC. This detection system sometimes may damage your windows, corrupt files or effects on the runtime errors related issues of your computer. There is the possibility that Error 8504 100 is experiencing by you is related to a component of the malicious program itself. For resolving the error, you have to scan your personal computer.

Method 2- Clean Out Your System Junk(Temporary Files and Folders) with Disc Cleanup

Over a long time, your computer assembles some junk files from the normal web and surfing and computer use. If these junk files are not cleaned out it can cause Norton 360 Antivirus Software to respond slowly and occur an Error 8504 100 due to overloaded hard-drive or files conflict. Cleanup of these junk files may only not solve your Error 8504 100 but also it can speed up the performance of your PC.

How to run Disk Cleanup(cleanmgr)(Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10)

  • Click on the “Start”
  • Type the word “Command” Don’t Press the “Enter” button yet.
  • While clicking together “Ctrl+Shift” on your keyboard, Press “Enter”.
  • After clicking the “Enter” button the next window appears the “Permission Dialogue” box on your computer screen.
  • Clicking on “Yes” button and gave Permission to your windows.
  • One “Black Colour box” appear on your screen with a “Red Colour Cursor”.
  • Type the word “Clean Manager” and Press the “Enter” button.
  • Now the work started by the command you already gave for and the “Disk Cleanup started” calculating how much space you reclaim for the disc.
  • In most of the cases, “Temporary files” cover up all the disk spaces.
  • Check all the boxes and categories you want to clean up, then Press the “Okay” button.
  • This process of clean up your disk has been completed.

This process of Resolving Norton 360 Error 8504 100 is very easy to follow step by step, But still, if you are facing problem in resolving it, Norton customer support is always there to solve your problem and help you out. They are just one call away just dial the number and call Customer Support available 24*7 to provide you services Every time at your door.

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