Complete Guide to Norton Setup Installation - Stats demonstrate that there are around 55,000 computer viruses in existence and a new is coming up every 18 seconds. A virus can do things from erasing system files, showing ads to stealing your credit card and personal information. Most computer users get infected by downloading pirated software, or an email attachment or any other kind of software with a virus attached to it. There are a number of facts that an individual should be aware of, but eventually, getting anti-virus software installed is an absolute necessity. Firstly, you must not open any attachment sent by an individual that you do not know or you feel suspicious about the attachment. That is how most of the computers get infected.

A few viruses can damage your already installed, delete system files or even format the entire hard drive. Irrespective of the virus type, it will certainly slow down your computer and cause data loss and system crashes.

Norton Antivirus is a product by Symantec, the industry leader in the arena of security software. Norton Antivirus is popular among PC/Mac users across the globe and it is intended to protect laptops/computers from spyware, worms, viruses, adware, and other similar risks. Symantec is constantly trying to improve their latest software programs.

Here’s how you can install Norton Antivirus.

Installing Norton Antivirus from

  • Go to and create an account or simply sign in to access your account, manage your subscription, download, install and activate your Norton Antivirus software.
  • Enter your Norton product key and then click on the arrow symbol.
  • Next click ‘Agree & Download’ to start downloading your Norton Security product from com/setup.
  • Open the Norton setup file.
  • Your system will automatically find a compatible version of Norton Security for your system.
  • To install your Norton Security product that you have downloaded from com/setup, click ‘Agree & Install’.
  • And in few minutes, it will be installed successfully.

Even though the installation process is quite simple, there are few things you should know. Symantec recommends that you do not have any other anti-virus software installed. In case you already have one, open Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs, select that antivirus program and uninstall it. When you are installing the antivirus, it is also a great idea to close the other programs that are running to keep minimum system load.

You can also install it from a CD if you have one. Norton Setup Product Key Activation

The Norton Security will be automatically activated and registered to your Norton account when you enter the product key. Norton Setup Product Key Activation is necessary so that you can show Symantec that you are a legitimate customer. It just takes a couple of minutes and can be done during or after the installation. However, there is a time period in which you are bound to activate Norton antivirus. If you don’t do it during installation, then click on the alert ‘Activate Your Product’ and choose Activate Now.

Symantec do their best to improve performance in the latest software compared to previous versions so that you have a seamless experience.

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